I can not thank you enough for all your help with teaching me to drive. I feel much more confident then I ever thought I would be thanks again.
- Lorna - January 2010

The lessons were great and I really felt at ease with Karen. I would recommend BTW to anyone who is learning to drive.

- Hayley - January 2010

Before I attended "Behind the Wheel" I already knew how to drive, but Karen provided me with crucial information and skills necessary in order to passs my P1 test. She is very knowledgeable and easy to get along with. I would highly recommend her to any starting or experienced drivers as she is very professional at what she does.

-Brendan - March 2010.


"Karen was the main reason I got my licence first go, she showed me all the things that they were likely to test, and helped me to be confident and assured on the day".

-Alex - July 2010


"Karen from Behind The Wheel was a fantastic driving teacher. She really gave me the confidence and the skills to feel comfortable during my test and driving on my own. I passed my test on the first go! After being a nervous driver I feel confident and safe whilst driving all thanks to Karen and her experience and knowledge"

-Kat - July 2010


Just prior to going for the driving test I booked a block of 10 lessons with Karen and it was the best thing I could have done. Karen was very knowledgeable about what I could expect when I went for my test and made sure I was properly prepared. She not only helped me with driving test preparation but worked on improving my driving skills, correcting bad habits and making me a better, safer driver. Karen was friendly, she organised lessons that fitted in with my schedule and generally made me feel relaxed and comfortable behind the wheel. Thanks Karen"

-Gage - September 2010


Going for your licence is always a scary experience, but with the friendly guidance and help that I received from Karen's driving lessons I was able to feel confident that I was a safe driver and knew all the rules and tips for the exam. Karen was an excellent instructor, who was also a pleasure to spend those hours with.

-Chloe - October 2010


Karen is both professional and personable in her approach to instructing learner drivers. She put our son at ease from the first lesson, and was always happy to keep us informed of his progress and explain what was covered in each lesson, so we as parents could keep a continuity of teaching when we took him out driving. I would be happy to recommend Karen to anyone looking for a driving instructor for their learner driver.

-Jane - November 2010


Karen was a great instructor and helped me pass my test first go. She was friendly and it was always easy to follow her driving instructions. She made me a more confident driver and taught me rules and tips to prepare me for my test. I would recommend Karen to anyone.

-Steph - February 2011


Karen always helped me to stay calm behind the wheel (and especially before my test), and I know that I could not have passed without her knowledge and expertise to guide me through. Thank you heaps.

-Gen - February 2011


Every parent believes they can teach their kids to drive. How hard can it be? Well I was wrong, and thank goodness I found Karen at "Behind the Wheel" to take the pressure off me and provide fine details that my son needed to get his licence. Besides being kind, controlled and patient, Karen is a very competent instructor with years experience and my 10 lessons was money well spent as I am now relaxed that my son is a safe driver on the road. Thanks Karen, your blood's worth bottling!

-Linda Taylor-Burton- February 2011


I had been on my L's for a while and had 3 different driving instructors. After having lessons with one of my instructors I felt so discouraged that when I finished those lessons I did not drive for a long time. I had only been driving a little again, when I found Karen. To be honest I was shocked to find that I was not being yelled at when I did something wrong but instead she was gentle and made me feel comfortable when driving. I found the things that she taught me and the way she taught me was very helpful. She made me enjoy driving again. I had been for my P's twice before I went with Karen, and with her I got them first go! I would highly recommend Karen to be your driving instructor!!!

-Em- February 2011


My daughter took driving lessons with Karen Foster of "Behind the Wheel" last year. She was highly recommended by a friend of mine and I can understand why. I sat in the car for the first lesson and was impressed with her knowledge and teaching methods. I too picked up a few good points off her. Karen had a very good rapport with my daughter - she was very patient, professional and knowledgeable in her field and I have no hesitation in recommending Karen to anyone who is interested in taking driving lessons. My daughter passed her driving test at her first attempt and needless to say, it reflects on karen's great teaching abilities. In fact, my son who will be 16 in October this year will definately be going under Karen's able tutelage.

-Vivian - March 2011


We felt very comfortable with Karen and her abilities to teach our son right from the beginning. She was very professional and caring and gave good constructive feedback on his progress. She did not recommend uneccessary lessons and was excellent for our son's confidence. We will be using Karen again when our next son gets his L's.

-Max and Joanne - March 2011


Like all parents we dreaded the day when our daughter was to start learning to drive. Alas though the time came and our only thought was to give her the best possible chance to become a safe and alert driver. Luckily we found Behind The Wheel and Karen Foster. We insisted that Charlie learn on a manual vehicle, as we felt this was the best way for Charlie to really understand what a car is doing and how it operates. Karen was able to take Charlie from a kangaroo hopping, cursing her parents for making her drive a manual, beginner driver, to a confident and aware P plater, passing on her first attempt. Thanks Karen you are a marvel. I am booking you now for 2013 when our next daughter starts on this painstaking quest! Behind the wheel with safety what more can a parent want.

-Fiona, Rob & Charlie Zammit - April 2011


I cannot comment highly enough about Karen's approach to driving instruction. After teaching my daughter to drive I called on Karen to teach her the finer points of driving and prepare her for her driving test which she passed first go. Lucy was always at ease with Karen and felt confident as she approached her test. Thanks for your expertise and professionalism.

-Tricia - April 2011


I had been searching for weeks for a driving school to prepare my daugter for her provisional driving test. Luckily I found "Behind the Wheel" and Karen Foster. Although Ali had already completed 100 hours of driving, Karen was able to ensure that her driving and parking skills were at the standard required for her to pass her test on her first attempt. We found Karen to be a very competent instructor with a vast amount of driving knowledge. Ali found her very friendly and easy to get along with. Karen was also very flexible with lesson times and pick up and drop off points, which made it easy to schedule lessons around sporting commitments and Year 12 timetables. We would recommend Karen and "Behind the Wheel" to any parent looking for the best for their children's driving instructor experience. We will definately be giving Karen a call when our 15 year old son is ready to embark on his jorney towards his provisional licence.

-Jose - May 2011


Thanks to Karen's driving lessons I felt very comfortable and confident going for my P's test, I was able to pass first go thanks to Karen's fantastic teaching. Karen is a calm teacher who makes you feel confident behind the wheel and ensures you cover everything you need to know to be a good driver. Thanks for everything.

-Grace- August 2011


Thank you so much for your assistance with Sarah. You did a great job and we are thrilled that she passed first go. Only problem is that I know never see my car!

-Shar-January 2012


My experience with Karen was great! I only started having lessons a few weeks before I sat the test, and they must have worked because I managed to pass first go. Karen always showed up on time and was lovely to chat to, but then always encouraging with direction too. The few things I needed help with, we worked on, and without too much stress or aggravation I was able to improve and with a little practice was doing great. Having lessons was a fabulous idea for me, even though I thought I knew the basics of driving from my parents, having lessons showed me how much there still was to learn that neither I nor my parents, were aware of. Anything I was doing incorrectly Karen quickly picked up on, and then we would focus on that for a while, and before no time I was good enough to go and pass the test! Karen was helpful and encouraging right through, even at the end I got a call from her and we had a chat about how the test went and then some words of encouragement and excitement for me being able to hit the road by myself on my P's. I would definately recommed Karen and Behind The Wheel!

-Monique- January 2012


Karen (Behind The Wheel) was recommended to me as a "Keys to Drive" (the government's "Young Driver initiative" free lesson) instructor, as all driving schools are not accredited for this. My son's first lesson was his "Keys to Drive" lesson, so I was required to be a passenger. Karen's professionalism showed from the very first minute. She spoke clearly and confidently and put my son at ease from the outset. Our lesson concluded with a "no strings attached" approach - no hard sell for her driving school or for further lessons. My son had had other lessons with a different driving school and was unhappy. He gave Karen the thumbs up straight away. We had a further 2 lessons with Karen (Behind the Wheel) in her car, then 3 more in our car in the weeks leading up to his driving test. A "warm up" drive with Karen prior to the test put Nick at ease - Karen had prepared by driving some of the local streets to where he might be taken for familiarity. He passed on his first attempt. Thank you Karen for your professional approach, flexibility and teaching skills. I will be calling you again when my daughter is old enough!

-Karen- January 2012


I am pleased to provide a testimonial for Karen Foster of Behind The Wheel. Karen was recommended to me by a friend as an excellent driving instructor for my son. From my first conversation I could tell she was very competent and down to earth. My son had instruction from various family members but had become frustrated and appeared to be showing little improvement. Karen's calm but firm manner instilled confidence in my son and his driving improved dramatically from the first lesson. After only 3 lessons, Karen advised my son didn't require further lessons and was ready for the driving test. Karen accompanied my son for his test, and although he failed the first due to a small error, he passed the second a week later and Karen was there all the way. I can recommend Karen as an honest, down to earth driving instructor, who genuinely cares about her students.

-Jennifer- January 2012


Karen Foster of Behind The Wheel was my driving instructor. She was very friendly and knew what she was talking about. If I made a mistake, she was calm and always there to give constructive criticism in a friendly way. I feel Karen gave me the confidence in my own ability that I needed but made me aware of my responsibilities as a driver. I would recommend her to anyone as a great instructor.

-Aaron - January 2012


Karen is a very professional instructor who does a great job in evaluating a student's abilities. Karen teaches the proficiency required to be not only a good driver but a safe driver with the confidence to deal with the unexpected.

-Ken & Angela - January 2012


Karen taught me more than just how to drive, she has shown me skills that will last a lifetime when in the car, as well as enabling me to gain confidence to sit my driving test and to pass on the first attempt.

-Kirsten - January 2012


The Behind The Wheel Driving School is very accommodating as it provides both automatic and manual options. This was important as I have had several children go through the program with Karen each driving a different transmission. All of my children so far have passed the P's test first go thanks to Karen. I have found Karen to be an exceptional teacher, which is very comforting from a parents point of view, to know that your child is learning from such an experienced and kind lady. I have and will continue to recommend Karen to anyone!

- Sandra - February 2012


Karen is an amazing driving instructor. Karen creates an environment when driving which makes you feel at ease and confident, which as a learner driver may not always occur. Karen is kind and patient when driving with you, this made me feel comfortable to ask questions that I may have otherwise felt embarrassed to ask. You can tell Karen actually cares about your driving, as I had several calls from her on the day of my test and she was nothing but encouraging and without them I doubt I would have passed first time. Thank you Karen you're the best!!!

- Nelly - February 2012


Thank you for helping me to pass my driving test. Even though I knew how to drive when I had my first lesson with you, you fine tuned my driving skills. I felt very nervous about the test but you gave me the confidence I needed to pass. I felt very comfortable with you from the start and thoroughly enjoyed having you as my instructor. Thank you once again, I am very grateful for all that you did for me.

-Daniel- May 2012


Thank you for providing a wonderful driver training service for our daughter Jess. The way in which you identified the areas requiring improvement for Jess to become a proficient driver, your attention to detail and genuine kindness were all much appreciated. Thank you too for the confidence building, especially during the nervous pre-test drive & follow up call upon Jess receiving her P’s, much appreciated! We will be keeping your contact details for our Son who will be able to learn to drive in another 15 months.

-Cathryn & Roger - October 2012


It was the patience and driving skills of Karen that enabled me to pass my test on the first attempt. She was an invaluable asset.

-Sophie - December 2012


Thought I’d let you know that Ali got her Ps yesterday! Thanks for all your help teaching both of us to drive. Thanks for your help.

- Casey - April 2013


Karen offers a very professional and friendly service. She taught my son all that he needed to know for his driving test and he passed on his first attempt. I would happily recommend her to any learner driver.

- Sally - June 2013


Thanks again Karen for all your help. I could not have asked for a better instructor and thanks for fitting me in at such short notice. I am enjoying the driving - it is a little different from the bike and much warmer in winter!

- Michael - June 2013


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